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LIVE Inside the Early Childhood Classroom

We’re having lots of fun these days broadcasting live experiences, and this week, we brought you inside the Early Childhood classroom for some spontaneous creative play! Miss Linda & Miss Andria kept us entertained with some delightful ‘out of the box’ adventures and showed us fun projects to do at home with easy-to-find materials. Tearing … [more]

Early Childhood Education Program Starts the School Year Safely & Creatively!

The 2020-21 school year in the arts based preschool and kindergarten programs is off and running with new health and safety regulations in place. Class sizes and durations may be shorter, but creative play is still front and center of this groundbreaking curriculum. “We had a gloomy weather week last week, but that didn’t put … [more]

Dance Parties Offer Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

Locked in the house with nowhere to get your groove on? Have a house full of toddlers with energy to spare? Looking for a dance party with all the fun but none of the germs? Join us at the Douglas County Fairgrounds and find a party to fit your needs! This month the Lawrence Arts … [more]

Early Childhood Education Gets Creative in House or at Home

Whether at the Lawrence Arts Center or in your own home, our early childhood art explorations will bring your child’s creativity to life! This fall we are offering visual arts classes that incorporate singing and playing with painting, drawing and more. At-home classes include supply kits with everything the student will need for projects, plus … [more]

CVKey is at the LAC!

As part of our ongoing mission to open our doors in the safest and healthiest way possible, the Lawrence Arts Center has joined a community pilot program to test a health verification mobile app called CVKey. CVKey was developed by a non-profit group co-founded by former Google vice president Brian McClendon, called CVKey Project. CVKey … [more]

Make Art with the Whole Family

Making art by yourself is fun, but making art TOGETHER can be even better! From the ever-popular Family Pottery class to our groundbreaking Play Lab series, there’s plenty of opportunity for multi-generational creativity this fall. And don’t forget, our adult education classes are 14 and up, so you can enroll in classes of all mediums … [more]

At Home Learning Starts NOW!

Public school may be delayed until September, but at-home learning doesn’t have to wait… Elementary kids will love our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Art a la Carte Summer Supply kits. Young makers will keep busy, stay safe, and have fun with a variety of creative projects that can fit into any schedule. … [more]

New E-Publication Packed with Home-Based Projects for Young Creators

Looking for ways to help young children stay creative while learning at home? Our early education team has you covered! For just $5, we have a brand new 20-page e-publication PACKED with ideas for activities with easy-to-find materials, video singalongs and stories by our amazing teachers. Lots of fun, rainy day adventures will keep you … [more]

Lawrence Arts Center Facility Disinfected Continually Using State-of-the-Art Technology

During our building closure, facility maintenance staff have installed a new cleaning system to provide fast and safe sanitizing with no toxins! This technology keeps our building clean and healthy while leaving only water and oxygen behind. How it works: Oxygen from the air is safely turned into ozone, then infused into ordinary cold tap water. Ozone is attracted to … [more]

A woman smiles in a screen grab.

Teacher Emily Unboxes an Early Ed ART TO GO Kit

Googly eyes, foam hands and cars you can paint with… What will Miss Emily find next? Watch this unboxing video to find out! CLICK HERE TO ORDER this month’s ART TO GO Kit by June 3 !