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Public Art in the Building – Door Windows by Patrick Dooley

You’ve taken classes, attended meetings, and participated in countless events in our studios, but have you ever wondered where the words on our windows came from? Well, look no further! We have some building history to share with you. When our current home at 940 New Hampshire St. was built in 2001, a public call … [more]

The Lawrence Arts Center the heART of the city

Lawrence Arts Center Red Dancer sculpture represents the spirit of community arts!

A landmark of downtown Lawrence since 2009, the towering 18’ Red Dancer sculpture welcomes art students and aficionados to the Lawrence Arts Center 365 days a year. Its creator, artist Jan Gaumnitz, donated the sculpture to the Arts Center after her 2009 exhibition, Altogether, because the sculpture seemed to belong where it had been placed for … [more]

Art is Everywhere: Jason Edmonds

“The Arts, both visual and performing, are essential elements of Lawrence’s culture. By purchasing and displaying original art in our office, and by financially supporting organizations like the Lawrence Arts Center, we believe we can help improve the quality of life in our community and directly support the artists who also make their homes here. … [more]

Art is Everywhere: Teresa Mulinazzi Kempf

“When we underwent an expansion, I realized how much white space was on our walls. As some of my clients are artists, buying their artwork for the office was a great way to both showcase their talents and support their work. I love it because each piece tells a different story and the juxtaposition of … [more]

Get Ready for Transformations!

Each year, Lawrencians eagerly await the Transformations Charity Gala. Hosted by Deja Brooks, Transformations gives locals the opportunity to get glammed up (thanks to their drag queen mentors) and live their pageant personae for a night, all while competing for up to $10,000 on behalf of a local nonprofit. This year, the Lawrence Arts Center … [more]

Video: Ernesto – Art is For Everyone

“It’s all about learning and educating and growing together. And that helped me grow and discover a side of myself as a performer that I didn’t know I had inside me.” – Ernesto Hodison You loved him in Wizard of Oz and Color Play, and starting this January, you won’t want to miss Ernesto Hodison … [more]

Video: Hollie Rice – Art is for Everyone

“Everybody can use more creativity in their life. You can use it in any career or activity, and this place allows you to have a little extra.” – Hollie Rice, Teaching Artist We visited favorite ceramics instructor Hollie Rice’s Ceramics Revolution class this winter for this new Art is for Everyone video series! Check it … [more]

Accessibility at the Arts Center: Thank you Lawrence Sign Up!

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our friends at Lawrence Signup for helping us install Braille signage throughout the building! From the upstairs visual arts and dance classrooms to the downstairs printmaking studios and performing arts venues, we seek to make spaces for art-making and community-building that are accessible to everyone. In other … [more]

Thanks for feeding Art Space Summer Camps & SYT students this summer!

Students enrolled in full-day camps, and SYT performers and tech crew are provided with lunch by local restaurants. Special thanks to these generous establishments for providing delicious, nutritious meals to our hungry campers! ARTSpace is the Lawrence Arts Center’s STEAM education program. Acknowledging the vital role art plays in teaching innovative and creative thinking, the … [more]