Early Childhood Arts in Lawrence

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Art is for Everyone

Engage With Early Childhood Arts

In Lawrence, infants and toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners can play, explore, create and learn together.

We offer innovative, creative, arts- and play-based early learning experiences and school-year preschool and kindergarten, including before and after-school care.

The Early Childhood faculty is committed to providing high-quality, developmentally appropriate programs for young children that are purposefully curated to encourage play, exploration, problem solving, creativity and skill mastering.

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Early Childhood Arts Programming

Children will find success through our unique philosophy and curriculum, no matter their ability, developmental level, age, or background.

Our early childhood program uses a creative, arts- and play-based teaching philosophy to enhance a child’s natural interest in learning. The arts allow children to think creatively, build their own ideas, solve problems in more than one way, and try new things.

These skills not only create an excellent foundation for learning as children move into the academic world and throughout life, but they make learning fun! Play is serious work and inspires learning in a way that sets children up for lifelong success and creativity.

Why Arts-Based Education

Well-Rounded Development

Through arts, play, and communication, we help children develop 21st century skills to build a lifelong love of learning.

Qualified, Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are all trained in early childhood education, child development, or art. Plus, they love working with young artists!

Financial Aid Available

Every child deserves access to early childhood arts; to support that, we offer financial aid.

Safe Facilities

The arts- and play-based preschool and kindergarten are located in Lawrence at 940 New Hampshire St., with two dedicated outdoor spaces for play. We are equipped with everything we need to provide your child a safe, playful, and engaging environment.

Early Childhood Education Instructors

Andria Devlin

Director of Early Childhood Education

Emily Casey

Early Childhood Education Instructor

Jessica Fortner

Early Childhood Education Instructor

Allison M Haworth

Early Childhood Education Instructor

Pat Pisani

Early Childhood Education Instructor

Kelsey Weiss

Early Childhood Education Instructor

Donika Wiley

Early Childhood Education Instructor, 2008/09 Printmaking Resident

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Linda Reimond

Early Childhood Education

Nora Gordon

Early Childhood Education Instructor

Jordan Mills

Early Childhood Education, School of Theatre & Music

Make Art Part of Their Daily Life

Interested in enrolling your child in an arts- and play-based preschool or kindergarten in Lawrence? We have financial aid available to ensure classes are accessible to everyone.

Art is for Everyone

Making Art Accessible to All

Lawrence Arts Center is here to ensure anyone—of any age and any background—can connect with a supportive community and flex their creative muscles. With contemporary exhibitions, performances, and an array of music education classes for adults and kids, everyone will find something that’s right for them.

Our primary state-of-the-art facility at 940 New Hampshire St. features classrooms, studios, theatres, and more. To further support the community, we also have a space for classes and rehearsal at 10th & Mass Studios.

The Importance of Early Childhood Education