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Artist Residencies

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Art is central to our mission, so we provide three unique, robust resident and visiting artist programs at Lawrence Arts Center. The resident artist program includes a year-round residency that offers housing, stipends, and studio space to visiting artists.

We select two artists each year in a highly competitive juried process. Resident artists enjoy deeply rewarding experiences, including teaching, outreach, and artist interactions, all culminating in an exhibition of new work. 

The Visiting Artist Program is a master-class style partnership that hires and features artists and their work in productions, classes, exhibitions and workshops.

Lawrence Arts Center also offers Project-Based Residencies for any duration of time and in any medium or discipline. 

Our Resident Artists

Introducing the 2023-2024 Artists-in-Residence!

Every year, two talented artists are selected to create new work while teaching and sharing their expertise with Arts Center students, patrons and the wider community. We can’t wait to see the fresh perspectives these artists bring to Lawrence and the Arts Center through classes, artist talks, workshops and community partnerships!

Rachel Beer, Printmaking Artist-in-Residence

Rachel Beer’s printmaking practice combines the lively qualities of woodblock and monotype printing with the delicacy of graphite and lithography. Influenced by her experience navigating invisible illness and disability, Beer’s work explores the fluctuations between her internal and external ecosystems, drawing attention to small and often overlooked moments of regeneration. View Rachel’s work at

Dehmie Dehmlow, Ceramics Artist-in-Residence

Dehmie Dehmlow makes pottery and mixed media modular sculptures that tell stories using found materials, ceramics and other fabricated objects. She creates depth and interest using layers of color and texture. Her work hinges on inviting people to think differently about materials and their function, leading viewers to rediscover their perception of reality. View Dehmie’s work at

Middle Gallery - "A Pig is Still A Pig," Twiggy Cercy, 22/23 Ceramics Artist-in-Residence

Dehmie Demlow, 23/24 Ceramics Artist-in-Residence

Ceramics Studio

Ceramics Studio - Shantel Wright, Ceramics Studio Manager

people in metal work class

Jewelry, Fibers & Crafts Studio

woman working on art

Rachel Beer, 23/24 Printmaking Artist-in-Residence

John Talleur Print Studio

John Talleur Print Studio - Letterpress & Relief

John Talleur Print Studio - Etching

John Talleur Print Studio

Wood Shop


Twiggy Cercy

22/23 Ceramic Artist-in-Residence

Taro Takizawa

2022/23 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Jonathan Christensen Caballero

2021/22 Ceramics Artist in Residence

woman looking at camera

Rosa Nussbaum

2021/22 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Ashlyn K Pope

2019/21 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Dayon Royster

2019/21 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Nate J. Ditzler

2018/19 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Johanna Winters

2018/19 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Shiyuan Xu

2017/18 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Michael Benedetti

2017/18 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Carly Slade

2016-17 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Tressa Jones

2016/17 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Christy Wittmer

2015-16 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Amanda Maciuba

2015-16 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Gunyoung Kim

2014/15 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Tonja Torgerson

2014/15 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Kyla Strid

Director of Residencies and Adult Education, 2013/14 Clay Resident

John McCaughey

2013/14 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Monika Laskowska

2012/13 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Patrick Vincent

2012/13 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Allen Chen

2011/12 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Carla Aspenburg

2011/12 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Akiko Jackson

2010/11 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Nicolette Ross

2010/11 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Sarah Gross

2009/10 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Alison Filley

2009/10 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Hak Kyun Kim

2008/09 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Donika Wiley

Early Childhood Education Instructor, 2008/09 Printmaking Resident

Jennifer Holt

2007/08 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Brian Stuparyk

2007/08 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Jessica Conner

2006/07 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Taryn McMahon

2006/07 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Stacy Barnes

2005/06 Ceramics Artist in Residence

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