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Dance Classes in Lawrence

Dance and Learn

Move Your Body, Move Your Soul

Dancing is something we’re born with, even babies instinctively groove to music. Lawrence Arts Center’s School of Dance provides a safe and inclusive space to explore all forms of dance and expressive movement from introductory classes to our pre-professional company.

Whether you want to connect with a community and experience the joy of dance, or you’re interested in mastering dance styles with trajectory-based courses, you’ll find what’re looking for with our dance classes in Lawrence.

Or choose your own adventure in our program for a well-rounded dance education. Our financial aid availability ensures our classes are accessible to all, so don’t let cost hold you back!

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Our School of Dance

We’re committed to providing the greater Lawrence area and midwest region with a facility that welcomes them into the wide and wonderful world of dance.

This includes two spacious dance studios equipped with everything practicing dancers need, as well as a 300-seat theatre, black box theatre and multiple dance studio spaces, all on the Lawrence Arts Center campus.

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DANCE Teaching Artists

Hanan Misko

Dance Program Director

Cynthia Crews

Artistic Director of Lawrence Ballet Theatre

Claire Buss

Dance Program Coordinator/ Choeographer

Justin Harbaugh

Associate Director of Performing Arts & Education

Kierstin N Bennett

School of Dance

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Betsy McCafferty

School of Dance

Liat E Roth

Choreographer. School of Dance Instructor

woman smiling at camera

Hope DeYoung-Daniels

School of Dance

Shannon M Pickett

School of Dance

woman smiling at camera

Paige Comparato

School of Dance

woman smiling at camera

Ashley Sandefur

School of Dance

woman smiling at camera

Annie Stark

Choreographer, School of Dance Instructor

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Maya Tillman-Rayton

Artistic Director

woman smiling while dancing

Wanwan Cai

School of Dance

Rechelle Bishop

School of Dance

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Dance Your Way Into Community

Interested in enrolling in a dance class in Lawrence? We have financial aid and dance scholarships available to those who need it to ensure classes are accessible to everyone.

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Art is for Everyone

Making Art Accessible to All

Lawrence Arts Center is here to ensure anyone—of any age and any background—can connect with a supportive community and flex their creative muscles. With contemporary exhibitions, performances, and an array of music education classes for adults and kids, everyone will find something that’s right for them.

Our primary state-of-the-art facility at 940 New Hampshire St. features classrooms, studios, theatres, and more. To further support the community, we also have a space for classes and rehearsal at 10th & Mass Studios.

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What's So Great About Dance Classes?