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Who We Are

Your Community Arts Center

Art is for everyone. These words guide every action at Lawrence Arts Center, providing a clear vision for our role in the community.

Not only is everyone an artist, everyone benefits from art! Engaging with art in any form, whether creating or experiencing, sets off a chain reaction that supports a stronger community.

Lawrence Arts Center Offerings


Explore every aspect of art with classes that cover everything from theatre to music to visual arts to dance. Deepen your knowledge and practice your skills.


Take center stage by performing in one of the many dance and theatre shows put on by Lawrence Arts Center. We have shows for adults and youth alike!


We’re proud to offer the Lawrence community access to contemporary art with exhibitions and other creative events. Attend a performance or film event soon!

The Lawrence Arts Center Mission

The mission of the Lawrence Arts Center is to ensure art is for everyone through education, exhibitions, and performances.

Lawrence Art Center's
Core Values

Creation & Education

Engaging creativity and lifelong learning are essential ways of supporting strong communities.

Inclusivity & Approachability

We’re always challenging the status quo to ensure our community has the most inclusive arts center possible.

Community & Connection

Art is all about creating connections between people, and it’s those relationships we strive for each and every day.

Engaging Our Community With Art

The Lawrence Arts Center’s community engagement is focused on partnerships with organizations like Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, Head Start, Cottonwood, Inc., The Children’s Shelter, Douglas County CASA, and the Juvenile Detention Center, among others. 

Our key principle is that art is for everyone, and we support this by offering the community access to all forms of art.

Our Team

Meet the Lawrence Arts Center Team

Everyone at Lawrence Arts Center works hard every day to support the Lawrence community with an inclusive, safe space for self expression.

Discover Lawrence Arts Center

Find your artist within or simply connect with the Lawrence art community.