Transfer Fee, Drop Fee, Class Credit, Refund Policy

Transfer Fees

If a student transfers from one class to another, a $10 transfer fee will apply to each class transferred prior to the beginning of the class unless recommended by an instructor or program staff.

Drop Fees

Drop fees are $10 per class. Drop fees are subtracted from both full and partial payments.

Account Credits

An account credit is issued if the class is dropped one week or more before the start of the class. A $10 drop fee will apply.

Credits may only be used for tuition costs for another class.


Across all programs, we do not issue refunds except in cases of the following:

  • Cancelled classes where no alternative can be found
  • Medical emergencies, sudden relocation, or safety considerations.

If these circumstances happen partially through the session, we will prorate the refund, pending program director or staff approval.


Please contact the Front Desk for any questions related to transfer fees, drop fees, class credits or refunds.

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