Lawrence Arts Center’s Future

The Future of Lawrence Arts Center

The Trajectory of a Strong Community

By empowering everyone to experience the arts, we’re helping create a brighter future for Lawrence!

We hope to continue encouraging community-wide participation in our artistic offerings, whether classes, exhibitions, or performances.

Our Vision

The vision of Lawrence Arts Center is to help support and build a community that embraces the arts as a part of everyone’s daily life.

Moving Forward With Lawrence Arts Center

As we all continue to discover the new normal after the height of the global pandemic, that means reconnecting with our community and rediscovering Lawrence’s role as a place for individual artistic expression.

At the forefront of every plan for the future is advocating for inclusivity and accessibility. We aim to make an ever-evolving space for everyone to feel safe through our  EDIB policy and accessibility policies.

Discover Lawrence Arts Center

Find your artist within or simply connect with the Lawrence art community.