Michael Benedetti

2017/18 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Michael Benedetti was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In May 2016, he graduated from the University of Georgia with a Master’s degree in Printmaking. Since then, Michael has been active within printmaking communities throughout the world by participating in residencies worldwide, including a residency at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado and a research residency in Ghent, Belgium where he studied low-toxic and sustainable options for printmakers.

Artist Statement:

My current research focuses on identity and the abstraction of memory and emotion through the use of architecture, modularity, and systematic image creation. This is explored through two related bodies of work, B19 and The Architecture of Memory. Works in these series examine my surroundings and personal history concerning rooms and architectural interiors that I have inhabited spanning my childhood home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the apartment I lived in as a graduate student in Athens, Georgia, apartment B19.

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