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Labor Day: No Classes!

A friendly reminder that we will not be holding dance classes on Monday, September 3rd, in observance of Labor Day. Enjoy the holiday weekend and we will see you back in the studios on Tuesday!

Meet Our Featured Artist: Fuko Ito!

In order to properly meet Fuko Ito, you must first meet the Fumblys: the plush, pastel, creatures that populate the paper landscapes of her monumental drawings, stretching accordion books, and the soft perimeters of lithographs and woodcut prints. Fuko joins the instructor team at the Lawrence Arts Center from the University of Kansas, where she … Continued

Ric Averill and Amanda Pintore receive awards in Minneapolis

Elizabeth Sullivan, Director of Performing Arts, Amanda Pintore, Associate Director of Performing Arts & Education, and Ric Averill, Artistic Director of Performing Arts Emeritus traveled to Minneapolis this month to The American Alliance for Theatre & Education (AATE) conference.  Amanda and Ric were recognized for multiple awards in the field of theatre for youth. Ric … Continued

Meet our new instructor: Katie Foster!

Red cloth. Milk. Needles. Bonesaw. Spoon. Toy soldier. Everything in the dark. At the bottom of the belly in the shape of a body beginning to disappear “This is the beginning of Major Diamonds Nights & Knives, or at least the version of the poem that revealed itself to me. As hidden inscriptions on the underside of … Continued

At the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten reading and writing go hand in hand

Our no pressure approach to handwriting encourages children to explore writing in a unique way.  Not a confident writer yet?  No problem—drive this car while you trace a letter.  Or use your finger to first draw letters in the sand, then later words.  Make a mistake, no problem, “shake it off” literally! At the writing center, … Continued

ART BEAT: Inventor Girls Become Inventor Women

I remember when Lauri invented the talking crosswalk, though I forget what she called it. This was still several years before accessible pedestrian signals were omnipresent. Lauri was in fifth grade when I was in fourth, and that year at the school Invention Fair she came out with an idea for a crosswalk sign that … Continued

Auditions for A New Musical: The Fantastical Dangerous Journey of Q

Calling actors, singers, and dancers Grade 9 to adult to audition for The Fantastical Dangerous Journey of Q Help us with this exciting new musical development. Work with professional New York City artists from Rebel Playhouse as well as Artistic Director Emeritus of Performing Arts, Ric Averill.   Director & Choreographer:  Sarah Sutliff Christina Bottley:  … Continued

Artist Jan Gaumnitz Gives the Gift of Art to Preschoolers

When exhibiting artists stop by to visit the preschool, a certain magic occurs… Young minds unleash a barrage of questions and a bemused smile quickly takes over the artist’s face. Carefully constructed artist statements go out the window and make way for simple, direct answers straight from the heart. Both parties leave the experience inspired … Continued

Welcome Our Newest Faculty to the School of Dance!

The School of Dance is proud to introduce several new, talented instructors to our 2018-19 faculty lineup!   Amanda Pintore | Contemporary Originally from Omaha, NE, Amanda Pintore is a Teaching Artist and Director focusing on movement and dance education, arts integration, and making theatre and dance performances with and for 2-5 year olds. She … Continued

New! Open Classes & Cards

The School of Dance now offers an Open Class option, ideal for the dance student desiring greater flexibility with their class schedule. We offer the Open Class option in select dance genres throughout the year, including ballet and Pilates; please see our course catalog or Fall Weekly Schedule for Open classes. To attend an Open … Continued