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Design Your Own Closet!

Ever wanted to alter your own garments? Design a ring that perfectly suits you and your style? Even just re-stitch a fallen button or hole? We can help you get … [more]

Bunker Crafts: Embroidery Basics

Above, detail from “Catastrophe Sampler,”  Anne Luben Last week on Freesearch Friday I wrote about Woolies, or Wool Works, nautical embroideries produced by sailors beginning in the mid 1800s. As … [more]

Bunker Crafts: Paper Piecing Pt. III

Adhering to the zone of consideration, I’ve started Necrofancy for you! A free crafting video channel where the work happens in front of you like magic!  If you’ve been following … [more]

Bunker Crafts: Paper Piece Quilting Pt. II

Welcome Back to the Bunker! Last week I introduced english paper piece quilting, and the supplies that you would need to begin. If you weren’t able to find everything, check … [more]