Souper Bowl Victory!

This year’s Souper Bowl – from Friday’s preview party, to Saturday’s sale and Sunday’s football magic by the Chiefs – truly was a touchdown for all! On February 1 here at the Arts Center, hundreds of happy shoppers found beautiful bowls and broke delicious bread and yummy soup with neighbors, all thanks to the generosity of contributing artists and sponsors Hyvee and Great Harvest Bread Co. All proceeds from the event will go toward Visual Arts Education programming making it a WIN, WIN for our community.

We especially want to thank the artists who volunteered their time and talent to create the ceramics to support our program.

Thank you to these Souper Bowl Champions:

Michelle Rogne


Cal Cink

Rhetta Backus

Helen Martin

Ling Lung Chen

Jenny Meistrell

Larry Brow

Laurie McLane-Higginson

Charles Higginson

Linda Hixon

Linda McKay

Kathy Wiseman

Megan Migliazzo

Jean Burgess

Jenny Doores

Melody Monroe

Ashlyn Pope

Sandy Monson

Jan McElwain

San Bradshaw

Barbara Hart

MaryKay Mahoney

Jayden Schwartz

Malachi Kuzca

Jane Wilson