Public Art in the Building – Door Windows by Patrick Dooley

You’ve taken classes, attended meetings, and participated in countless events in our studios, but have you ever wondered where the words on our windows came from? Well, look no further! We have some building history to share with you.

When our current home at 940 New Hampshire St. was built in 2001, a public call for art was made. KU Architecture & Design professor Patrick Dooley stepped up to the plate with a proposal for word pairs to be etched in the windows of 18 studio doors. Still in use eighteen years later, these circular compositions evoke portals from which passersby (and eager parents) can catch glimpses of the creative activities inside.

As part of the design process, Dooley invited the public to submit their own word pairs. Favorites included: “innovate and community” and “passion and patience.” So, the next time you find yourself inside our studios making art and collaborating with friends old and new, take a moment to linger on the language that welcomes you.


Curious about other public art in the building? Stay tuned for future blogs on our building history…