Lawrence Arts Center Facility Disinfected Continually Using State-of-the-Art Technology

During our building closure, facility maintenance staff have installed a new cleaning system to provide fast and safe sanitizing with no toxins! This technology keeps our building clean and healthy while leaving only water and oxygen behind.

How it works:

  • Oxygen from the air is safely turned into ozone, then infused into ordinary cold tap water.
  • Ozone is attracted to germs, soils and bacteria, and quickly eliminates contam­inants.
  • The new stabilized aqueous ozone (SAO) kills viruses quickly, and then simply and naturally reverts back to water and oxygen.

In addition to the environmental and health benefits, this technology guarantees we will not run out of cleaning products if there are shortages. Best of all it is incredibly safe, which means every classroom can keep and use its own spray bottle, helping the Arts Center maintain health and safety throughout the building.

Additional benefits:

  • Doesn’t aggravate respiratory and allergy problems.
  • Reduces slip and fall hazard. (No soapy residue.)
  • Eliminates chemical exposure.
  • Doesn’t harm the environment.
  • Reduces carbon footprint, no shipping and no single use plastic containers.

The science behind the system:

  1. Sunlight and lightning create ozone naturally when their energy adds an extra atom to oxygen molecules. Air is made up of about 79 percent nitrogen, 18 percent oxygen and 1 percent other trace gasses such as argon and carbon dioxide.
  2. When ozone is infused into water it becomes aqueous ozone, which is nature’s healthiest heavy-duty cleaner and sanitizer.
  3. In aqueous ozone, the extra atom is a natural-born cleaner. It actively seeks out viruses and contaminants and destroys them.
  4. Our system will utilize a few thousand volts of electricity injected into normal tap water. This splits the oxygen molecules in the water, transforming oxygen into aqueous ozone.
  5. Food processing, beverage and pharmaceutical industries have used aqueous ozone for decades because of its strength and safety.
  6. Even at 3000 times faster and 50 percent stronger than chlorine bleach this process still leaves zero residual chemicals, fumes or streaks.
  7. Just like oxy-chemicals, aqueous ozone gets its cleaning power from the extra oxygen atom which kills viruses and cleans through oxidation.
  8. Unlike oxy-chemicals (or any chemicals) it later reverts back to water and oxygen.
  9. The EPA and FDA have both approved its use for sanitizing. The USDA says aqueous ozone meets strict organic program criteria for natural sanitizers.