Apply Now for Free Kits for Kids!

Since the beginning of the pandemic the Lawrence Arts Center has been seeking ways to support imagination and the arts, and to reach people who might be in specific need of the physical and mental health benefits that creativity brings. As part of that effort we began the Kits for Kids campaign, which brought STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education to children throughout Lawrence in a format they could enjoy.

Many of those kits were distributed through local organizations and educational providers. We are now offering these kits free of cost based on need to anyone who would like to expand their horizons at their own pace and place. All supplies are included in these age-specific art kits, which are packed with fun activities and colorful supplies. Kits include materials needed to follow self-guided guided lesson plans that cover a variety of topics for children from elementary through high school.

To apply for the Kits for Kits program, please click here to fill out this quick and easy survey. Surveys will be reviewed and responded to Mondays through Thursdays during business hours. Kits will be awarded based on applicant need.

Apply now while supplies last! Art is for EVERYONE and art is for EVERYWHERE!