Workshop Feature: Build with Bamboo & Take Home Your Own Piece of Art!

Don’t miss the chance to work with local artist, professor, designer and bamboo whisperer Tom Huang as he presents a harvest-to-hanging workshop called Interwoven: Building with Bamboo!

Huang will be bringing his specialty skills to an off-site workshop that will introduce the wonders of bamboo as one of the fastest growing plants in the world, discuss how it can be used for building materials, and then undertake the process of harvesting and processing the plant into a piece of art!

Huang describes the two-day workshop as “a creative gesture that speaks to the connected nature of our community and our intrinsic impact on our planet.” On day one, participants will will meet offsite from 9am to 1pm Sept 25 to harvest bamboo for the installation. On day two, the class will meet from 9am to 4pm October 2 in the main lobby of the Arts Center to weave 18 to 30 inch diameter balls assemble and install them to create a temporary installation in the Arts Center lobby. The globes, which also make wonderful pendant lights, will find homes with the participants at the close of the installation.

Philadelphia’s Wexler Gallery describes Huang’s work as a mix of traditional and non-traditional techniques that brings together the use of weaving and binding as a metaphor. “As functional objects, his work suggests the commonality of our basic human needs. As sculptures, they celebrate the diversity of materials and the intrinsic qualities these materials contain.”

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