Visit the Robin Bayer Collection at the Chamber of Commerce

Local business owner Robin Bayer has been a supporter of the Arts Center for many years, but this spring, he’s putting a fresh spin on giving to LAC while continuing to support artists from Lawrence or connected to Lawrence in a meaningful way.  As a lifetime appreciator of the arts Robin began building this collection when he returned to Lawrence after many years away.  These are some of the finest works from well-known and well-loved artists Molly Murphy, Clare Doveton, Jeromy Morris, John Sebelius, Tim Forcade,  Jesse Grey, Angie Pickman, Adam Smith, Jen Unekis, Erok Johannsen, Amanda Maciuba, Susan Grace, John Gary Brown, and Gesine Janzen.

An upcoming home renovation, plus constantly being out of town on business, prompted Robin to explore the notion of how others could enjoy and appreciate this art.  The entire collection is on display at the new offices of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and each piece is available for purchase.  The artists will receive a portion of the sale and the majority will go to LAC to fund specific initiatives including strategic digital transformation and cultural exploration.

In writing of the concept he calls collector as curator Robin writes, “These are wonderful pieces from wonderful artists, and have served me very well.  However, I feel like I ‘captured’ them and hid them away from the world.  They have graced my home but no one except me and my dogs really ever encounters them.  I see this as a way to ‘free the art’ and let others enjoy it.”

Exhibitions Director Ben Ahlvers and Exhibitions Assistant Jeremy Rockwell oversaw the selection and arrangement of pieces at the Chamber offices.  The exhibit opened to the public on April 12th at the Chamber open house event.  The exhibit will be available throughout the Spring/Summer during normal Chamber office hours and extended hours on Final Fridays.  In addition, several of the artists will give talks about their works in May, June, and July. Check back for more details on these events in the next few weeks.

If you are interested in a private viewing of the show or in purchasing a piece, please contact Ben Ahlvers at