Take a Look Inside the Inventor Grrrls Class

Inventor Grrrls foster their curious minds through experimental processes and lots of girl power! Thanks to our partnership with Gould Evans Architecture Firm in downtown Lawrence, each Inventor Grrls meeting includes a team challenge, a short powerpoint focusing on women in STEM, and drawing/reflection writing time in our sketchbooks. This semester, Inventor Grrrls will work with each other to accomplish the following:


  • Cultivate and define our own interest in STEM: What am I most interested in, and where do I want to go?
  • Identify historical and real-world role models through presentations, reading, and field trips to localized, women-led institutions such as Gould Evans Architectural Firm and Bowersock Dam. This serves to introduce girls to real-world role models and potential mentors.
  • Train in a variety of technology/design media, including but not limited to Google Sketchup, Scratch, and audio-video editing software.
  • Develop our critical thinking and problem-solving skills through team exercises, journal reflections, and connecting to the design & invention process.
  • Understand the complex patriarchal barriers that discourage young girls from being their fullest, brightest, most curious selves.

During the second half of the semester, Inventor Grrrls will conceive of and develop a solution to a student-driven, community-orientated STEM project. In our next blog post, take a look inside our field trip to the Lawrence Creates Makerspace. Stay tuned!