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Draw Lawrence

Spend the summer exploring Lawrence and meeting all kinds of furry friends. Class starts this Friday! Drawing Lawrence: Feathers and Fur What has beaks, talons, and scales all over? Lawrence, … [more]

Print with the Best

We have been blown away by Taro Takizawa, our 2022/23 Printmaking Artist in Residence. Taro started off at the LAC with an immediate desire to fill our windows with beautiful … [more]

Drawing Instructor Remix: Explained

Drawing Instructor Remix is a survey of drawing & painting taught by four instructors. Each instructor will teach a two week section in their areas of expertise. If you want … [more]

Let’s Draw!

Whether you’re looking for the fundamentals or to be inspired by innovative techniques, we’ve got it all! This summer, the Adult Arts department is offering two new drawing classes along … [more]

Artwork by Taro Takizawa

Put It in Print: This Winter!

According to the Met Museum’s website, “Printmaking is an artistic process based on the principle of transferring images from a template design onto another surface, most often paper or fabric”. … [more]

SYT: Summer Youth Theatre 2018 Auditions!

Summer Youth Theatre Auditions Summer Youth Theatre is a performance-based theatre art program for 1st-12th graders. Professional directors, choreographers, musicians, and theatre technicians work with youth to produce high quality … [more]