Summer Youth Theatre Auditions: HOW TO

We have been getting so many questions about Summer Youth Theatre auditions and we are so excited to hear from all of you! Some typical questions we get are: What do I need to prepare? Do I need a headshot? What about a monologue? What song should I sing? What happens during auditions? Do I need to register? What happens if I don’t have anything prepared? Which shows are musicals? Which grade group do I audition with?

First off, take a deep breath and relax. We have you covered! Let’s begin with a guided tour through the audition process.

First, if you have not already done so, please register for auditions.  Registration is due Fri, April 26th! This page also answers a TON of those questions above. Click the button at the top of the registration page and it will take you to our google form.

Register for Auditions

What will happen at the audition?

  1.  On the day of auditions, you will check-in in the Main Lobby of the Arts Center or 10th & Mass Studios lobby depending on grade groups. From there our friendly staff will take measurements that are used for our costumer. Please note, you must audition with the grade you are currently in, not what grade you will be in next year.
  2. Once your grade group is ready you will head into the theatre for your audition. Everyone will sit in the theatre down front and we will collect all of the sheet music. Auditions will be one person at a time. The first person will come down on the stage and have a moment to talk about their music to our accompanist. They will stand on the X on stage. All auditionees will say their name, preferred pronouns (if they wish to share them, but they do not have to) what grade they are in and what they are singing (if they are auditioning for a musical) and what their monologue is (if they are auditioning for a musical or a play). They will sing, and recite their monologue. Once they finish there will be applause and they can return to their seat.
  3. From there, the next person will come up and do same thing.
  4. If someone comes in and does not have a song or monologue prepared, no worries! They can sing any song they know Acapella, “Happy Birthday” will do, or a chorus of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” We just need something so we can hear what their singing voice sounds like. We also have monologues printed off that anyone is welcome to read from. Once every person in the group has gone through their audition, they are released.
  5. Depending on the show, everyone gets called back, except for Cabaret which will have select callbacks. We will see you again on either April 29 or 30.


For show titles, rehearsal & performance dates, and grade requriments, please consult our auditions page, here: SYT Audition Page

If you have any other questions or need help picking a song or monologue email