Stone Soup Supper

The annual Arts Based Preschool and Kindergarten Stone Soup Supper provides a yearly opportunity for children, families, and preschool staff to come together for warm soup, home-made pumpkin bread and community. Inspired by the book Stone Soup by Heather Forest, this Thanksgiving-time celebration puts everyone in the mood for sharing and caring.

“The Stone Soup Supper is special because it emphasizes that by sharing a little (each child brings one vegetable to add to the pot), we can make something good for lots of people. Sharing the pumpkin bread that the children baked and the delicious bread donated from Wheatfields Bakery adds to the community celebration of friendship. As the book says, ‘Bring what you’ve got, put it in the pot, we’re making stone soup.’ ”
– Linda Reimond, Early Education Director