Spotlight on the Wicked Witch: Meet Bri Woods

Bri Woods, the Kansas City performer playing the Wicked Witch in the Lawrence Arts Center’s The Wizard of Oz, is bringing our 1920s vision to life. We sat down with Bri to learn more about what it means to her to play the Wicked Witch. Read below to see what she has to say!


What do you think are the Wicked Witch’s greatest strengths?

The witch is never afraid to practice self-love. She always calls people out if they do her wrong. She also doesn’t give a rat’s patootie what people think of her. She’s truly fearless! It’s empowering and frankly intoxicating! (I’ll definitely be taking the nicer parts of her with me!) 

What does it mean to you to portray a “bad” witch? What do you hope people will realize about the Wicked Witch in your performance?

There is no bad or good. There’s only folks reacting to their circumstances. I hope people remember that monsters are MADE. And that we should be careful of the things we say or do to others because we all have the power to turn folks “good or bad”.

What does it mean to you to to set this story in the 1920s?

There is so much rich material to explore! One of the biggest shifts in American history happened in the 20’s, racially, economically, socially! It was a time for women to radicalize and demand their rights! I feel lucky to be able to portray a witch— a radical woman demanding her rights! 

What do you hope young people and their families talk about when they leave this performance?

Me. Just kidding. I hope that adults get to re-experience a classic in a new way with a younger generation. And that we all learn the importance of steppin’ up our shoe game. 


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