Spotlight on My Name is Loofa Tutu: Meet Chris & Leah


Meet Chris & Leah, a Performer and the Director for My Name is Loofa Tutu, our upcoming production for very young children ages 0-6!

Chris Kramer (Performer)
Chris likes to write songs at the piano and get lost in the woods. Or he likes to write songs in the woods and get lost in the piano. He often feels sleepy during the day but is not sleepy at night time. He doesn’t like candy or being in big crowds. One time he saw a ghost, and they were a nice ghost but it was still scary.

Leah Towle (Director)
Leah is a teaching artist, director, and performer. She loves inventing games and attempting anything silly and possibly impossible. She can keep a skip-it ball going almost forever and can juggle while balancing on top of a balance board. 

So what is My Name is Loofa Tutu?

My Name is Loofa Tutu is part of our Theatre and Dance for the Very Young series. Nicholas Kryah made a script full of pictures, rather than lines for actors to read, so we started with that visual story to create this performance. We showed the pictures to children ages 2-6 in our Play Labs. During these Play Labs with the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten and collaborating caregiver/child pairs, we used imaginative play, dance, and music to explore what Loofa Tutu’s adventures entailed. My Name is Loofa Tutu will be performed by adults based on our interactions in Play Labs that bring the script to life. The performance involves live music, moments of interaction, and scenic art by Taro Takizawa, our Printmaking Artist-in-Residence, and costumes by Lexey Jost, as Loofa Tutu formulates her opinions on trying broccoli, swimming through the sea, finding treasure, and more.