Spotlight on Color Play: Meet Leah Towle and Alicia Revé Like!

Two cities. Two arts centers. Two early childhood community partners. One show. Color Play.


Meet Leah Towle and Alicia Revé Like, performers for Color Play, a performance for very young children at the Lawrence Arts Center and the Center of Creative Arts!

Leah Towle is a teaching artist, director, performer, and costume designer. She loves inventing games and attempting anything silly and possibly impossible. She can be particularly stubborn when she wears her hair in braids and loves sharing pizza and ice cream with her friends. Check out more of her work here!

Alicia Revé Like is a proud graduate of Mizzou and a native of Kansas City, Missouri making her a princess of BBQ. She likes to lift weights and pretend she is a training member of the Dora Milaje warriors from Wakanda. Her favorite animal is a dolphin and whenever she gets ice cream, she usually orders cotton candy flavor with sprinkles. Check out more of her work here!


So what is Color Play?

Welcome to our Theatre and Dance for the Very Young series!

In August of 2018, the Lawrence Arts Center partnered with the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) in St. Louis, MO and continued its Play Lab Series for 2-5-year-olds. In these research sessions, we collaborated with two early childhood centers to work with children in both cities using dance, music, and imaginative play. These sessions were recorded and served as research for our upcoming performance for children ages 2-5, Color Play. All of the ideas explored in Color Play will be performed by adults and based on our interactions in the Play Lab Series. We ask the questions: What does blue sound like? What does green do when it wakes up in the morning? How does orange dance? Very young audiences will enter an interactive world where colors can make noises, have wild dances, and create delightful surprises. The performance itself will involve live music, exploratory art, and moments of interaction with the audience. 

What do Leah and Alicia do for Color Play?

Leah and Alicia are both on the devising/performing teams in their respective cities. They work with the director and the other performers to develop moments and surprises inspired by the ideas of our very young artistic partners. Leah is a fantastic pretend bicycle rider, boat captain, and high flying bird extraordinaire. You can find Alicia climbing the tallest trees and working on her balancing technique or having a most delightful birthday party for the color red.

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