SouperBowl Champions!

We are so thankful to the Lawrence community for making our annual SouperBowl event a success!  We raised more than $12,000 to support our ceramics studio and education program.  Happy shoppers left with beautiful bowls, and enjoyed soup and bread all donated by Dillon’s and Great Harvest Bread Company.  We especially want to thank the artists who volunteered their time and talent to create the ceramics to support our program.

Thank you to these SouperBowl Champions!

Andrew Cho

Brian Horsch

Carly Slade

Chuck Watson

Helen Martin

Irene Tsuneta

Jean & Eric Burgess

Jenny Doores

Jim Rome

Jo & Cal Cink

Kathryn Clark

Kim Brook

Kyla Strid

Larry Brow

Leni Salkind

Linda Hixon

Linda Mckay

Ling-Lung Chen

Lonna Summer Rocha

Michelle Rogne

Neal Barbour

Neil Goss

Rachel van Wagoner

Retta Hendricks-Backus

Ron Schmidt

Tyler Nansen