Play12 Staged Reading “The Man She Was”

Youth Theatre Company Play12 is presenting Ric Averill’s newly published play The Man She Was as a staged reading at the Watkins Museum on April 5th. They will perform at 6PM. $5 suggest donation supports Play12.

The story follows Frank Thompson, a union soldier in the Civil War. The twist – Frank is actually a woman in disguise.

Coy, a Play12 actor, talked about the role she plays in the reading, “Emma, the main character, struggles with who she is and what her role in life is. I think this is something that everyone experiences in their life. This story touches on something for everyone.” When Play12 first read this script, they thought it would be a perfect piece to use.

The actors were fascinated by the development of the characters in this script. “In the read through, I focus the most on what my character’s thought process is, what her goals are, who she is, and what she’s thinking,” Coy explained. She also noted that she works to project more energy than normal because of the nature of a staged reading compared to a play. The reading of The Man She Was will certainly be compelling.

Come hear this relevant and funny story on Wednesday, April 5 at 6PM at the Watkins Museum!