Play12 Performance Company Applications Now Open!

What is Play12?

Play12 is the Lawrence Arts Center’s youth performance company. It expands on the fundamentals of acting and focuses on the development of production, creation, community, and leadership skills through public performance.

How does Play12 work?

The company is student-led, meaning that students in the company will work together as a group to make decisions, create, and present a project or performance during the fall semester.

When will Play12 meet?

Scheduling for this semester will be built with company member input.

How and where will Play12 meet?

Currently, we are planning to meet as a company virtually.  However, depending on company member input we are open to the idea of occasionally meeting in-person (with full social distancing rules) for meetings, rehearsals, and events.

Who can apply?

Any student grades 8th through 12th.

Do I need previous experience to apply?

No experience is necessary, but it may be helpful.  We invite students of all abilities and experience levels. The facilitator utilizes games, creative writing exercises, and techniques. All meetings will be structured to prioritize all participants and adapt to the needs of the group.

How do I apply?

If interested, please submit a resume and letter of interest to Elizabeth Sullivan at by August 28, 2020.