No sour notes: Lawrence creates COVID-safe live music events | Unmistakenly Lawrence

By Fally Afani on September 21, 2020

Venues were the first to close and will be the last to open as the country wades through the muddy waters of this deadly pandemic. For the moment, there isn’t any music downtown. Even the buskers have bunkered down until it’s safe to venture out.
As we get a firmer grasp over the extent of COVID’s nasty grip on the live music industry in this town, it’s time to take back a little control. It’s completely ok to shut down and mourn the lack of live music if that’s where you need to be. But we’ve spent the Summer watching those making the best out of a rotten situation.
Specifically, we’ve noticed three great compromises from some unlikely sources. In short, an outdoor concert encouraging attendees to remain in their vehicles and socially distanced is the best option.
Here’s how Lawrence is managing live music when the world hit a sour note:

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