JT Daniels Mural in Lawrence

New Mural in Downtown Lawrence to Celebrate Local Artists

A sketch of JT Daniels' mural that shows an artist building a ceramic mug with other art disciplines like music and painting surrounding the artist.

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Lawrence Arts Center is partnering with artist JT Daniels to paint a mural in Downtown Lawrence. The mural celebrates the community’s creative spirit and promotes artistic inclusion.

Imagery in the mural will feature multiple artistic disciplines, including dance, performance, music and visual art in Daniels’ signature artistic style. Figures will be in the act of creation and spotlight the wide range of personal expression possible through art.

“At the core of my artwork is the human experience,” said artist JT Daniels. “My goal is to capture the essence of the people that make the Lawrence arts community so unique and vibrant.”

The mural will be in the alley east of 10th & Mass Studios at 1000 Massachusetts Street, Suite D. It intends to beautify a Downtown alleyway to encourage passersby to slow down and absorb their surroundings while creating dialogue around shared experiences.

“We hope this mural inspires artists of all kinds to explore their creativity,” said Andy Smith, Director of Youth Education at the Lawrence Arts Center. “JT is an artist that contributes his talents and creativity to promote strong communities. We are happy to add his art to Lawrence’s public art collection and showcase an important part of what makes Lawrence so special.”

Catch Daniels in action as he paints the mural in Downtown Lawrence from Friday, May 10, through Sunday, May 12. Help celebrate the mural’s completion on Friday, May 24 and Saturday, May 25, during a lineup of Arts Center’s 50th birthday events.

For more information, contact:
Andy Smith, Director of Youth Education

Amanda Roberts, Chief Communications Officer


The Lawrence Arts Center ensures art is for everyone through education, exhibitions and performances. We believe everyone is an artist, and everyone benefits from art! Engaging with art in any form sets off a chain reaction that supports a stronger local and regional community. Learn more at lawrenceartscenter.org.

JT Daniels is a Kansas City-based artist and muralist. His work weaves together various elements, such as characters and phrases, into streamlined designs. These designs represent the heartbeat of the urban community and signify the always transforming and growing human experience. Learn more about JT and his work at www.jtdanielsart.com.

This mural project was supported in part by the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.