‘Neighbor to Neighbor’ campaign encourages residents to do small acts of kindness for one another | LJW

By Lauren Fox on March 3, 2021

Making someone’s day can be as easy as dropping a note in a neighbor’s mailbox or even just smiling and waving at someone on a walk, and Douglas County is encouraging residents to do that and more in its newest wellness campaign.

The well-being branch of Douglas County’s pandemic response team launched a “Neighbor to Neighbor” campaign last week. The campaign encourages people to reach out to their neighbors in an informal way to connect and check on one another. Though the campaign is for everyone, there is a specific focus to reach out to older members of the community, as well as those with limited mobility or those who live alone.

The initiative is “aimed at letting community members know how they can take simple actions to reduce isolation and loneliness in our seniors,” said Amy Albright, director of marketing and communication design at the Lawrence Arts Center.

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