Mandy Enfield Named ArtPlace Project Facilitator

The East Lawrence Neighborhood Association and the Lawrence Arts Center are pleased to announce that Mandy Enfield has been named ArtPlace Project Facilitator. In her role as Project Facilitator, Mandy will provide the primary project management for the completion of the Ninth Street Art Project. She will act as the facilitator for all meetings for the duration of the project, providing written reports and recommendations to the Ninth Street Team. Mandy will be assisted by designated administrators from the Lawrence Arts Center Administrator and the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association.

“My earlier experiences with the Ninth Street Project have been some of the most valuable learning experiences I have ever received,” Mandy says. “I am honored and delighted to be included in its completion.”

Margaret Weisbrod Morris, CEO of the Lawrence Arts Center, adds, “Mandy has extensive experience working in art in both the community and public spheres. She brings a wealth of knowledge about our unique creative community as well as the neighborhood of East Lawrence. Her reputation for being a dedicated organizer combined with her calm spirit are a perfect fit for this work. We are thrilled to have her creative composure at the helm of this project!”

Mandy Enfield has been living and working in Lawrence since 1999, when she made the short move to Lawrence from Wellsville, KS to attend the University of Kansas where she would earn a BGS in Art History. In 2002, she began volunteering at Van Go, Inc., an arts-based job training program for at-risk youth, where she soon became staff. As Van Go’s Operations Director, Mandy manages events, organizational logistics, facility needs, mailings, graphics, and everything in between.   

Starting in 2008 Mandy was appointed to the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission, which introduced her to the Ninth Street Project. As a member of the LCAC, Mandy served on the Cultural District Task Force and was the chair of the Phoenix Awards. Outside of work, she divides her time between her family activities, backing, and civic volunteerism. Mandy has chosen to dedicate her time, work, and energy to the arts and non-profit community because she believes that they are the foundation for a healthy, happy city and home.