Kelly Galloway Kindergarten students work hands-on with professional visiting artists

At the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten, we create art with professional artists. We are delighted to announce a Fine Arts Grant from the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation that will allow students to work with a professional artist weekly!

We welcome guest artists in a wide variety of disciplines, including:

•  Dance and creative movement

•  Theatre

•  Ceramics

•  Printmaking

•  Storytelling and Puppetry

•  Music

Students are pictured working with visiting artists from The Juilliard School, Lawrence Arts Center Printmaking Artist in Residence Michael Benedetti, Concert Pianist Chaeyoung Park, and visiting dance specialist Ashley Boyack.

“What a delight to see our very shy, reserved child demonstrate the confidence to participate in the performance.”  
KGK parent

“My favorite thing was when we took our families into the gallery to see our art show.”
–KGK student