Kelly Galloway Kindergarten is a magical place for learning!

We cook every week because we are learning:

                •  Reading, science, and math with hands-on experiences

                •  Life skills and responsibility

                •  Healthy habits and choices

                •  Sensory and fine motor development

                •  Art in cooking creatively

                •  Collaboration and sharing

“At the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten, they don’t teach what to think, they teach how to think.”

— first-grade teacher of a Kelly Galloway Kindergarten graduate

“I liked artist toast, the tea party, the Cinco de Mayo party, and all the Friday cooking.”

— Yara, 2017/18 Kelly Galloway Kindergarten graduate, when asked what her favorite part of Kindergarten was this year


Made possible by a gift from the Thomas D. Galloway Family, the curriculum developed for this groundbreaking arts-based kindergarten completes the continuum of the award-winning academic programming pioneered at the Arts Center. With a special focus on preparing young students to develop innovation skills, the arts-based approach sets the stage for a lifetime love of learning.

Children who will be age 5 before August 31 are eligible to enroll. Spaces are limited. Contact Linda Reimond for questions and to enroll your child in the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten for the 2018/19 school year.