Jedel Challenge Exceeds Match!

We are excited to announce the results of the Jedel Challenge Grant for our financial aid program.

In 2016-2017, the Lawrence Arts Center gave out over $152,000 in financial aid to children, families, and adults in need so that they could participate in our arts education programs. We predict even greater community need for arts education financial assistance in 2017-2018.  Thanks to a $20,000 Challenge Grant from the Jedel Family Trust this summer, the Lawrence Arts Center is already well on its way to being able to maintain its level of financial assistance for those in need this year.  Generously, the Jedel Family Trust allowed us to use its $20,000 contribution as a challenge to our community to support our financial aid program, and we are proud to announce that the Lawrence community not only matched the $20,000 Challenge Grant but exceeded it, raising an additional $23,724 for a grand total of $43,724 for the Lawrence Arts Center’s financial aid fund this year! Because of the generosity of donors, sponsors, and patrons, the Lawrence Arts Center will be able to ensure that all children and families are able to access the many, many benefits of arts education this year, regardless of income level. Thank you!