Inside Billy Elliot: What the Kids Have to Say

The cast of Billy Elliot is made up of professionals, community members, and students for a rich combination of performers. We checked in with the kids who are performing as part of the ballet class to hear what they thought of the rehearsal process.

#1. The dancing and singing in this show is fun.

Julia laughed about her character. “I like to do terrible dancing in ballet class. I like singing, also!”

Adelle responded, “I like acting and singing.”  This is the first show she has been in. On that topic, she gushed, “I love it. I’ve wanted to do theatre my whole life, but I’ve never done it. So far I’m loving it.”

#2. Being around friends is the best part of rehearsal.

Mary Kate, who has scenes with just a few people as well as with the whole ballet class, has learned that, “Being a part of the big group is fun. Being with people that you haven’t met before is fun”

Ruby is not sure about all the violence in the show, but she guaranteed, “my favorite part is seeing a lot of people, like new friends.”

#3. The story is intense, and that is a good thing.   

Jazzlyn explained, “It has a lot of drama going on. Overall it’s pretty sad. But it has a nice ending. And it’s really fun to do and perform in.”

Peter elaborated, “I really like how it shows the actual side of life rather than just doing the happily ever after thing, ’cause I’ve been in a couple other shows that have that. This really shows what’s going on in a family. It’s got some heavy stuff, and I think that is interesting.”

#4. This show has a great message.

Jazzlyn described it clearly, “You should always do what you love no matter what the circumstances.”


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