Haiku Canoe – Round 2!

The Kaw River Canoe Workshop with Tom Huang is in full swing again this summer! This workshop is one of the highlights of our summer education offerings. Students construct canoes out of CNC milled plywood, locally harvested bamboo, and recycled plastic bags, and then take them for a paddle down the Kaw River.

Building these boats requires all hands on deck, but occasionally our crew takes a moment to write a haiku:

I made this canoe

And the sandwich in my bag

I need nothing else.


Please join us for our canoe launch at 4pm, Saturday August 19th! We will float from the River Front Park at River Mile 54 on the Kaw to the KU Boathouse. A potluck and “Plein Air Water Panel” will follow the float in Burcham Park.

Special thank you to the Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund for supporting this workshop, offered in partnership with the University of Kansas School of Architecture.