Guerrilla Arts Camp

Pictured above: We created a nature mandala and installed it at South Park. The artists worked together to decide what materials would be best for their project and communicated with one another to make something beautiful. (This project is something that you can do in your very own backyard!)


Last week, we had the opportunity to come together with a group of elementary-age guerrilla artists, make art and put it out into our community.

Creating a Guerrilla Artist identity is not an easy task, but these young artists came up with a pseudonym, a message, and their very own disguise all in one day. Following these steps, they drew self-portraits, painted rocks, tied together a river stick sculpture, created stickers and magnets, put together an envelope exchange, and dropped some nice messages in the pockets of clothing down at Arizona Trading Co.

One of the main take-aways from this camp is that we are all capable of making art – whether the art is to put out a call to action, beautify a space, or to make someone happy. We can all contribute to making this world a better place. Everyone can be an artist and art truly is for everyone. We hope you take this time to create a sculpture in your front yard, collage some old newspapers and magazines, or draw one another.

Just like our guerrilla artists expressed last week -we are all in this together!