Ghost Light Performance Share: Fun Facts With Amelia

Step up to the ghost light and let us see your talents!

A ghost light is a single bulb left on a theatrical stage primarily for safety reasons, but also as a symbol for the arts to endure through even the dark times. While our doors may be closed at the moment, the light continues to shine on our stage and we invite you to join it virtually.

Read a poem, perform a dance step, sing a song, play your ukulele, share a story or memory, do an artistic demonstration of your talents, or tell us something funny. 

How to submit your sharing:

  • Please keep your video to 1-3 mins, 5 min max.
  • Record with your phone, and make sure you hold your phone horizontally.
  • To connect the pieces in this “Ghost Light Share,” grab a lamp, take off the lamp shade, and place it in the video with you. If you don’t have a lamp on hand, include any kind of light.
  • Email a Youtube link of your video to with the subject line “Ghost Light Share.” Tell us your name and title of your sharing (if you have one).
  • Check back here each Friday for a link to see everyone’s sharings for the week via YouTube.

If you post to social media use #GhostLightShare and #LACStayCreative to connect with others.  Have fun!

Check out this new video submitted by Amelia… we know you will enjoy her fun facts by the ghost light!