Explore Your Way: 2024 Winter/Spring Class Catalog

Embarking on a creative journey has never been easier with the Lawrence Arts Center’s revamped website. Known for fostering artistic expression and community engagement, the Arts Center introduced a user-friendly digital class catalog, making it a breeze for art enthusiasts to discover and enroll in exciting courses.

A New Way to Browse

The new website features an easily searchable digital class catalog, allowing users to effortlessly browse through a diverse range of classes. Whether passionate about painting, intrigued by ceramics, or eager to delve into digital arts, the catalog provides a comprehensive overview of the Arts Center’s offerings.

Digital vs. Print

For those who appreciate a tangible experience, pick up a print catalog at our Front Desk or find a copy in your mailbox. We send our print catalog to all households in Lawrence!

Want to browse the print catalog in a convenient, on-the-go digital format? The Lawrence Arts Center also offers a digital version of its print catalog. This option allows individuals to peruse the artistic possibilities in a format reminiscent of the traditional printed catalog. It’s a nod to the past with all the convenience of the digital age. Browse below!