Ctrl+Alt+See: Submit Your Work for Our Digital Gallery. It’s Final Friday, Every Friday!


At the Lawrence Arts Center, we know and believe that the most important aspect of our visual arts classes is the sense of community they provide. In our sessions, we strive to inspire each other with our studio work as we meet side by side. Many of us approach our artistic practice as lifelong education, greeting each new studio session as an opportunity to learn not only from the outcomes of our work, but from the making process itself. Serving as staff, instructors, and students, it hasn’t taken long for us to feel the absense in our lives of  the social benefits of creating together.

However, as artists we know that limitations are fundamental for innovation, self reflection, new approaches, and exciting alternatives. For many, this shift from physical meeting spaces into virtual engagement has focused our awareness on the importance of the studio as a forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and our shared values as a community arts organization.

Beginning this Friday, April 3rd, we invite you to join us for Final Friday, Every Friday, an open weekly exhibiton of community art.

We invite you to submit your work:

For every week during our closure, we are seeking submissions in any medium, at any stage of completion, for display in our digital gallery: Ctrl+Alt+See. From doodle to drawing, palette to painting, clay to ceramics, pencil to print, we are asking for your work in .jpg format. Submissions to be featured at the end of each week will be accepted Saturday through Wednesday.

Final Friday, Every Friday will be posted:

Friday, April 3th

Friday, April 10th

Friday, April 17th

Friday, April 24th

Friday, May 1nd

Friday, May 8th

Friday, May 15th

To submit your work: Send photos of you work in .jpg format, along with title, and medium, or any questions you may have about your digital experience to Print Studio Coordiator Anne Luben: anne@lawrenceartscenter.org

We can’t wait to see your work, and we hope to keep creativity just a click away!