Celebrate World Tutu Day!

Move over Groundhog Day, there’s a new February 2 holiday in town! Today is World Tutu Day and we are celebrating with a look back in our vaults for some of the most memorable tutu moments. We join dance studios around the globe in using the iconic symbol of this buoyant skirt and fitted bodice to applaud the whole world of ballet education.

The word tutu comes from the French term for ‘bottom’ and was first seen at the Paris Opera Ballet in the 1832. Worn by dancers of all ages and skill levels, the standard outfit is now found in variations of style, color and design, but its significance of uniting the look of the art of ballet remains.

They make part of our work uniform – perhaps as cumbersome, but a tad more elegant, than an astronaut’s spacesuit or a diver’s oxygen tank and flippers. It’s important for us to wear the tutu during rehearsals in order to deal with its challenges as we learn the choreography, especially for a pas de deux so that our partners can negotiate this very elegant obstacle.” – Juliet Burnett, Dancer

Enjoy these Arts Center tutus and share yours with hashtag #WorldTutuDayLAC to join in on the fun!