Black Hills visits the Preschool!

In the midst of painting pumpkin cut-outs, decorating masks, building structures, playing dress up, and of course, lots of playdough, the preschoolers found a visitor! Monique Pope, from Black Hills Energy, joined in on the fun.
Black Hills Energy is committed to improving life with energy. In addition to producing, marketing and delivering the vital electricity, coal, oil, and natural gas that families and businesses need, Black Hills Energy strengthens its communities and supports growth and development through charitable gifts. That makes them a perfect sponsor of the Lawrence Arts Center’s preschool, where we are committed to improving life with a different kind of energy!

Monique, thank you for visiting and spending time with our preschoolers and the delightful Linda Reimond. Providing arts education to some of the youngest Lawrencians is made possible by kind sponsors like you. Come back anytime!



-Kathryn Clark, Associate Director of Marketing