Bio-Individuality: Food, Freedom, and Fun! Special Seminar with Anne Fay

Special Presentation by Anne Fay, Thursday, September 28

Session I, Studio 206, 4:30-6:00pm

All interested students grades 5th-6th & the Thursdays Ballet IV class, should attend this 90 minute seminar session. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend!

Session II, Studio 206, 6:00-8:00pm

All interested students grades 7th – Adult & Thursdays Ballet V-VII are requested to please attend this session 2 hour seminar session.  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend and ask questions!

Let’s face it. Food selections can be confusing and especially for athletes who need to fuel up for optimal performance. How do we do this thing called FOOD?! Come and learn about the principle of Bio-Individuality. In this session, we will explore how we as human beings, and as dancers, are intrinsically designed with universal similarities AND unique differences, and how this informs and empowers our food choices. You will learn what healthy food is (and is not), strategies for improving eating habits, and how to personalize the best eating plan for your unique circumstances.  Together, we will have fun strategically choreographing a healthy meal within a dancer’s day of healthy meals, based on Bio-Individuality. Inspired by a growth mindset, we can support and encourage one another to be about becoming our very best, healthiest selves as individuals.

The School of Dance is proud to welcome Anne Fay to our studios as she leads two special seminar sessions related to positive, individualized nutrition and the sport of dance. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend with their child and to come prepared with their own questions, if desired. The goal of this seminar is to answer any questions our dance families might have about food and how to ensure they have enough energy to make it through the dance day. This seminar is a scheduled part of our dance programming, as is crucially relevant to our teenage ballet students. This seminar will occur in lieu of dance; students should arrive in moveable clothing, but do not have to dress specially for ballet (ie, hair bun). If you have questions about this seminar, please contact the School of Dance Coordinator at