Barry Crimmins Comedy Special Available for Download

When Louis C.K. asked Free State Festival guest Barry Crimmins where he wanted to film his comedy special, Barry chose our very own main stage as his back drop and the people of Lawrence, KS as his audience. On June 4, he performed two sold out shows that were beautifully filmed by Louis C.K.’s production company, Pig Newton Inc. and a crew that included plenty of local filmmaking talent. “Whatever Threatens You” is now available for download on Louis C.K.’s website, so be sure to check it out and see a legendary comedian in his first ever special filmed right here in your backyard.

“I produced it and directed it and he worked incredibly hard over the last two years on the road shaping it and putting it together and he left every ounce of it on the stage when we filmed him. When you watch this special, you’ll be seeing a great comic and a prime and only example of what comedy is at it’s best. You’ll see a comedian who cares about what he is saying and who brings integrity and experience and an unmatched skill as a writer to his performance.”  – Louis C.K.