At the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten reading and writing go hand in hand

Our no pressure approach to handwriting encourages children to explore writing in a unique way.  Not a confident writer yet?  No problem—drive this car while you trace a letter.  Or use your finger to first draw letters in the sand, then later words.  Make a mistake, no problem, “shake it off” literally!

At the writing center, we have writing and bookmaking supplies such as:

Pencils, markers, smelly markers, crayons, colored pencils

Paper, note cards, postcards

Staplers, hole punch




Art encourages fine motor skill development in unique, fun ways, such as:

Spray bottles

Assortment of brushes


Salad spinners

Drip paintings


Warming trays

Writing in sand

Creating with clay

Taking things apart using real tools

“Writing was so easy for our son in first grade because of all his art in kindergarten.”
—Parent of former Kelly Galloway Kindergarten student.

“I liked making ‘Artist Toast’ when we painted on our bread.”
—KGK student