Artist-in-Residence Johanna Winters to Perform in Kansas City

Printmaking Artist-in-Residence Johanna Winters heads to Kansas City this Friday, December 7 at 8pm for a performance of “Narrow Witness” at The Drugstore (3948 Main St.) with collaborator Benjamin Wills.

NARROW WITNESS is a puppet-figure performance and sound piece that challenges notions of conventional storytelling through a merging of puppetry, gesture, language, and ritual. Using marionettes, shadow puppets, human breath, and overhead projectors, this work questions the desire to be seen while declaring the bold validation of witnessing one another.

Puppeteering assistance from Alicia Kelly, Anne Luben, Alex Olsen, Melissa McGrath, Stevie Delgado, and Alexis Balaun. Sound design by Braden Young.