Apply Now – Summer Youth Theatre Internship Program

8th-12th graders who are interested in performing arts from performance and technical perspectives are invited to apply for the Summer Youth Theatre Internship Program. The Summer Youth Theatre Internship Program provides students with opportunities for professional skill-building, resume building, and collegiate audition preparation. Professional skill-building includes working alongside professionals on the projects necessary to bring the Summer Youth Theatre productions together and taking artistic initiative and responsibility for specific aspects of each production. Students can specialize in the area that they are most interested in: stage management, technical theatre, directing, teaching, acting, etc. Students will receive at least one production assignment each.

Past interns say that the Summer Youth Theatre Internship Program gave them insight into what it takes to put on a theatrical production. Alexis explained, “I’ve been in a ton of plays, but I never realized how much work went into putting them on and the administration of it all.” Alexis interned as the choreographer for the Senior Players production of Much Ado About Nothing. She had experience doing some improvisational choreography in her dance classes, but she said it was nothing like what she did for Much Ado About Nothing. She enjoyed working with the whole cast and constructing dances and staging for the group.

Sadie also was surprised by the amount of people and jobs involved in making a show come together. “I learned a lot about the technical side of theatre even though I was one of the performing interns.” She shared that collaborating with interns from other shows at their Monday meetings was one of the most interesting parts of her internship. She was  excited to learn more about the worldwide reach of theatre and see that theatre was something that happened beyond this community. “I think after last summer it hit me how much I loved theatre, and that surprised me,” Sadie noted. “It was one of those things I just did, and I didn’t think I would do anything more with theatre besides it being a hobby.” After interning for the summer, she said, “It hit me that this is what I want to do.”

The Summer Youth Theatre Internship Program is rooted in collaboration between interns and each other as well as between interns and the professionals directing and designing the productions. Interns attend weekly meetings on Mondays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm as well as all of the rehearsals for their assigned shows and/or technical theatre work times. Interns will be paid a stipend.

To be considered, please send your resume and letter of interest to Elizabeth Sullivan at by Sunday, April 30th, 2017.


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