Announcing: School of Dance Parent/Teacher Discussion Weeks

Parent/Teacher Discussion Weeks are a new and important way to foster communication between parents and teachers in the LAC School of Dance. During these weeks, parents/guardians will be invited into the classroom for the last fifteen minutes of EVERY dance class.  Mark your calendars for the two Parent/Teacher discussion weeks that will occur during the Fall 2016 Semester:

  • Sept. 26th – Oct. 1st:  Parent/Teacher Discussions #1
  • Nov. 14th – 19th:  Parent/Teacher Discussions #2

Instructors will make announcements, convey information from our Dance Program Staff, and will also provide insight into what is being learned and worked on in the dance classroom.  Topics to be covered may include attire,  attendance, classroom expectations, etc.  Dance parents are encouraged to attend and ask any questions they may have.  See you in the studios!