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This past Sunday our 3rd Community Input Session happened at the Amtrak Depot and folks made it through the snow! In case you missed it, the meeting covered the project’s progress, the RFP, talked about the Youth Corps and did some mapping activities.

Our e-newsletter subscribe is up and running. You can self-subscribe when you go to the home page of the 9th street website as well as always at the bottom of the contact page. We will send out a welcome email to that list soon and we will use it in the future to let folks know about deadlines and opportunities, events, announcements, etc.

Last night, at our weekly meeting, we talked about our next steps for the current RFP.  We made notes and Mandy will work on producing a document of project selection criteria, the criteria the jurors will use to select projects for funding, that we can make available to artists applying. We also talked about trying to create some kind of reference page for applying artists that summarizes the information we’ve gathered at our Listening Sessions, plus contact information for our Resident Specialists.

The ninth street team will not be meeting over Spring Break! Have a safe and warm week off!