10 Shows You Should See This Spring

The time has finally come! Over the last 6 months, 10 high school students have been working to learn what happens behind the scenes in the local art scene. They have each been creating a body of work that will be installed in downtown galleries for April and May’s Final Fridays. Now it is time to show off their hard work. Across Lawrence, each one of these stARTup students will have their own solo exhibitions. Go see what they’ve created and talk to them about the insights they’ve gleaned. Their shows are deep, conceptual, fun, striking, and will be up through May and June. Congratulations, stARTup students, on all your hard work!


Xenia Bae/They Went Home At Noon To Make Love/Edward Jones Gallery/888 New Hampshire St.

Blue Brooks O’Leary/Circa 1184 BCE & Circa 2018 CE/Phoenix Gallery/825 Mass St.


Maya Weslander/Comic Relief/Z’s Espresso/10 E. 9th St.

Elijah Jackson/Polyphany/Lawrence Arts Center/940 New Hampshire St.

Harry Easely/In Disarray/Phoenix Gallery/825 Mass St.

Ian Sotomayor/Vice Dreams/Gould Evans/706 Mass St.

Symon Knox, Addie Thornbury, Kira Auchenbach/Various/Signs of Life/722 Mass St.

Lauren Schoepflin/Mirror Image/Phoenix Gallery/825 Mass St.